When were together we have great chemistry, his friend says he doesn't want anything serious, is he wrong?

So I met this guy on facebook and we've talked a lot and started hanging out a lot this year. The first week we started hanging out in person we hung out 4 days in a row, the first day with his best friend, second day with a group of friends, third in his apt where things got a little heated, and the last day with one of his friends and one of mine. Since then we hang out almost every Thursday with his group of friends, I still hang out with them even if he's not there. The day at his apt, things got a little hot, everything but sex happened, he stopped that. I'm of course confused over why that took place and why he seems so distant if I text him. I talked to his best friend and he "let me in" on a little information, and he claims that it would be best if we just remained friends and he thinks that he isn't looking for anything serious. When we are together we have amazing chemistry, we can talk for hours, and have a lot in common. I don't know what to do, do I confront him and tell him how I feel about him? Remain friends and just hope that he finally falls for me? I'm so confused. Could his friend be wrong? (I also have suspicions that his friend is really into me.)


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  • well he probably stopped that because he isn't the type who just wants a one night stand kinda thing, especially with a girl that he does see often. and.. he's probably distant because he doesn't want you to get too attached, or maybe he's just distant when texting anyways, because I know a lot of guys are, and they don't even mean to sound that way. but I think that his friend might be right otherwise your guy would show a lot more interest in you and try to get you to hang out more one on one. I think you should just stay friends for now until maybe you see something different from him.