Should I just text him?

I know that this is long but I am in desperate need of advice...please read it and help me!

I met this guy a a month ago and he gave me his number. when we first started talking, we'd text just about every night and we'd take turns with who would initiate the convo. after the first date, our texting slowed down, but we still talked every couple of days. then the 2nd date came along. this one was a bit...bad. he tried making out with me, but I told him I was uncomfortable. I told him I wanted to move slow, he said slow was fine. after that date though, we didn't talk as much. we'd still talk every few days, but it was mostly me initiating the conversation (although he did a few times). Two weeks after our 2nd date, we went out for a 3rd time. I asked him to hang out Thursday and told him I'd meet him at the movie theatre on campus. before he got there he texted me asking if I was okay with a few of his friends tagging along, I told him that was fine.

his friends already were already inside when we met up. we sat with them and he was being all affectionate but he didn’t try kissing me on the mouth. He told me he wasn't going to make a move because he knows I didn't want him to last time.

after the date we went outside & he told me they were going to get food and he would see me later. thenhe hugged me goodbye. He didn't even introduce me to his friends!

we didn’t talk after that date until the following Monday. we talked a little and he was flirty, but then he just stopped (he was writing a paper though). on Tuesday I texted him and asked him where he saw this whole thing going since we don't hang out much. he told me that I'm the one who said slow and it seems like I make fun of his advances so he didn't want to appear as eager as before. I told him that I've just been confused as to what he's been thinking about this whole thing and he said "i dunno, I'm at a weird place in life...i can't explain in :P" then I asked him if he still liked me and still wanted to hang out and he said "yeah...that'd be nice :)"

that was pretty much the end of our convo though. now we're on spring break and I haven't talked to him since last Tuesday. he hasn't bothered texting me, should I be worried?

is it safe to assume he isn't interested? or should I text him?

our convos haven't been very long lately, but whenever I text him, he responds within minutes.


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  • yeah just text him, your not gunna know if he was interested or not unless you make the effort to find out. no bad side in texting him

  • He likes you, but you are giving him mixed signals. He's already told you this. Men don't like a lot of talk and no action. At the moment it's just a lot of talk. Slow down the talk if you want to move slow.


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