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When does flirting cross the line?

My girlfriend can sometimes be a flirt and I’ve been 100% comfortable with this until it seemed to have crossed a line within the last week.
We were out with a mutual friend she flirts with sometimes, having drinks, when she tells him, in front of me, that she doesn’t know why but someone called her out for having a crush on him. Talk about an awkward situation but we all just played it off along with a few other just weird flirtatious comments she made that night. Later that night when we were 1 on 1 she immediately felt terrible for what she had said but having not fully processed the comments I thought nothing of it and only got upset for spilling the beans about information I had confided in her about. A few days have passed and looking at this particular comment as well as other comments made that night and while we were alone a few days prior, it feels like a line was crossed and it really bothers me. Yes, I think she loves and is committed to me but this just isn’t sitting well and I’m thinking I should talk to her. Honestly, it feels like she easily could have been gauging his reaction to the thought of having a crush on him. At this time I don’t want to come across as being jealous or insecure.
When does flirting cross the line?
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