Guys are you more likely to choose a challenge??

Guys say your torn between 2 have feelings for of the girls decides she's tired of being lead on & doesn't want to be involved in your confusing love triangle...she explains she still likes you but can't deal with the back & forth emotional bs..Does this attract you more to go after the one that walked away?


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  • No, I'm going to go after the one that I like the best. Prior to contrary belief, I find it often guys do not like to chase after the girl. For one I think a girl being a "challenge" to get is just silly. If I wanted a challenge I'd go play pacman and try to get to the last level. I'm looking for a relationship to find someone who I feel in love with, not to chase after them. Besides, relationships are enough as a challenge as it is, to have everything work out so that both people are happy. Do we -really- need to add in another unnecessary challenge of getting into the relationship too?

    • lol very true...but I don't think a lot of guys are as smart as you! =)

    • What can I say? I'm quite the genius XP.

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  • ... this isn't hypothetical is it? if yer going to walk away do it for yerself, not to try and get him. you deserve better then that crap.

  • no, she walked away, the other is still here and she obviously likes me enough to stay


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