One of my friends kissed me and things haven't been the same since? What should I do?

I became really close to one of my friends in the beginning of December. We started to hang out more often (like every week) and we started talking and texting a lot more too. Then we started to like each other as more than friends. Before he moved out of his dorm for winter break, we got really close and comfortable and we almost kissed (I was sick with an infection so that’s why we didn’t kiss). So we still hung out during break and we got really really close. We were good friends before but then we really wanted more. Then last month, I visited his dorm and he kissed me and it was awkward. I guess I wasn’t ready for a kiss.

We were still cool for a bit afterward (I told him I wasn’t comfortable with it and he was cool) but then one day I noticed something wasn’t right. Ever since, it hasn’t been the same. Now he doesn’t text me 24/7 like he used to and we both got busy with school (he's a pre-med bio major). I last spoke to him a week or so ago and asked if we could hang out and he played the “I’m so busy with all this stuff” card. He liked me more than I liked him at that time but now I realized that I liked him more than I thought and I want to let him know but I’m not sure how. I wanna tell him how I feel and that I want a second chance. I felt like my feelings for my ex held me back from really enjoying the time we spent together and now I miss him. He made me forget my ex and I just want to let him know how I feel. Is it a good idea to tell him or no? I feel it could go both ways—he’ll either welcome me with open arms or just hurt me like so many other guys have. Help?


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  • i really do think you should go for it... don't just think what if this, what if that! Go for it please, from what you've written I really think you shouldn't let him go! You will probably have to make the move now, because he probably won't...if you don't do it, you will feel sorry you haven't tried. Whatever you decide good luck, hope it works out.

    • Well I texted him asking him if anything changed the way he felt about me since we last hung out (we kisssed then) and he said no, I just got really busy with school work but then I said we should hang out this week (since it's spring break) but I didn't get a reply? :/ Should I ask him to hang out again or what? What should I do? I can't have a normal convo with him anymore since I told him how I felt :(

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    • Soo..after askin a bunch of my friends who all said to just talk to him, I finally spoke up. He said he never got my text reply from Friday night. Anywayys..long story short, told him something was bothering me and I sent him a message on FB spilling all my feelings. He told me that we should hang out and talk about this in person. So I guess that's a good thing :) Does that mean he's still interested?

    • well obviously he is... he wants to talk to you in person, I have a feeling it will work out for you...

  • you might as well try as he obviously thinks you were not interested so is probably a bit rejected which is why he is distancing himself. Try and do it face to face as you'll get an honest answer.

    • I texted him Friday night but it didn't pan out too well. I asked him "did the last time we hung out change the way you felt about me?" and told him I like him. He fell asleep and texted me in the morning saying "aww I'm sorry I fell asleep. but no, I just got busy with my schoolwork :(" Soo..what should I do now? I replied back a few hours later saying we should hang out over spring break but got nothing? I don't know what to do now? :/

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