How should I approach a girl hanging out with a group of friends?

I do see a cute girl that I'd like to flirt, but she's with her group of friends. How do I get to that girl without her friends telling me to get lost?


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  • That can be tricky, depending. You could try to catch her attention from afar by signalling for her to come to you, which would pull her away from her friends without causing issues. It's a good flirt move too. Then just explain you felt like talking to her or hanging out without her friends around. It's a major "I like you" giveaway though - not sure how blunt you want to be.

    Also, though more difficult, you can try to catch her before her friends get to her, or find her at times when they're not around.

    As well, you could honestly just go up to her and her friends and ask if you can steal her away for a bit. If you're cute about it and charming, they would never tell you to get lost.

  • If you're friends or sorta friends with her, I suggest walking past her and tapping her shoulder, or poking her side, but just keep on walking so she talks to you (:


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