Does "Hang out" Mean Hanging Out?

So, there's this girl I've been close with for a bit, but we haven't seen each other for a while. She post on my facebook wall that she wants to hear from me, and she's asked to "hang out sometime" (not via facebook). When I asked what this entailed, she said "seeing a movie, getting dinner, go to borders (book store)." This all sounds rather date-ish to me. Is this interpretation incorrect?


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  • Just because she asks you to hang out with her doesn't mean that she wants to date you. Do you want to date every girl you're an acquaintance of? If you like her then make an effort to hang out with her. Flirt with her, make it known that you're interested. That will help move things a long between you two. If you don't like her like that and still want to hang out with her then go for it. Just because two people of the opposite sex hang out doesn't mean anything is going on or either of them have romantic feelings for the other.

    • Maybe for girls.. But for guys.. The only reason why most guys would hang out with a girl, one on one, is because they are interested.

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  • If she says hang out, it means hang out. It's not a date. She's either genuinely interested in JUST hanging out, or she's testing waters because she doesn't know how she'd feel about a date with you yet.

    She'll specify if she wants a date.

    • i like to think of hanging out is another way of saying. lets hang out but lets also see if we could date. she's basically saying lets be friend...first because I either don't trust you yet just not ready for a relationship yet (and yes I know girls sometimes use that line on men theyre not into) but it happens on occasion :P

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    • again, it can start off as a hangout but it can always be turned into a date. lol. I saw the cutest thing on t.v. the other day. I forget what show it was but it had the girl from scrubs on it. she played a doctor (again) whos got a kid but single and she never has time to go out. this guy likes her and asks her if he ever asked her out what shed say. she never said shed say no. so the guy comes up with this really cute idea of how to turn a "hangout" into a date within 2 minutes since that's all

    • she gave him. the date went well but it turns out they wouldn't really work out. again its not "THE situation" itself. its how you approach "THE situation". haha. jersey shore reference there. I don't watch it, just know about it

  • Not at all-- hanging out is strictly friend stuff. When you think about it...anything sounds "date-ish" even if you are just friends.

    Dont jump to conclusions..take it easyy.


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  • Yes. Sounds like dates to me. Hanging out with someone is just another way of going on a date really. Either way you're just trying to get to know the person better and have fun.

    • Agreed.

      Movies and dinner is something you usually do on a date..

      THough it's hard to say.. Sometimes people use hang out and "date" interchangebly. People who use hang out instead of date are probably more scared to say "date" because how serious it sounds.