Bringing what I do online to real life?

So I'm really good at talking to girls online. Flirting, I've had girls like me, be willing to date, cuddle with me, do sexual things, etc. So I guess I'm likable.

My question is how the hell do I get this going in person. lol If any girls are ever around me, it's pretty rare for me to say anything to them. I just talk to my guy friends.

Unless I just wanna date girls that live miles away, online doesn't really help because it's never girls anywhere close to me. Not WI or any surrounding states even.

For anyone that thinks "Just do what you do online in person." It's not that easy. It's not the same at all. Different feeling, different atmosphere, etc.


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  • Study yourself, online. Study the way you are. Try and capture that mood and charisma, and create a person who is you, but with the attributes of your online self. Then, when your out with your buddies, and talking to people and meeting to people, be that guy. Don't go out of your way to be that guy - you might find you have no reason to talk to those girls, in which case, you might need to find other places to meet girls. But in your everyday social situations, try and be him.

    Eventually you'll forget about him, and you'll be him - but you won't have really changed, because he was you, you know what I mean? Its halfway between worship and acting. And it works, every time.


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  • All those chance encounters you may hear about, where they met on the street, in the gym, in the library, in the grocery store, in the mall, etc etc, 9 out of 10 times, its just one of the first guys who had the balls to go up and say something to her.

    In order to show girls how nice and easy to talk to you are, you have to talk to them. Nobody talks about how often they strike out. Even if you fail 90% of the time, that means if you talk to 10 girls, one will continue talking to you.

    You can be the most likeable, dateable guy, who girls would be willing to cuddle and do sexual things with, but that will never happen unless you talk to a girl first. So just go talk to a girl.

    • And what do I say? After hi then what?

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    • So you said say what's on my mind. If what's on my mind is "I'm trying to think of what to say to you." Should I tell her that? I don't have a ton to say to guys either. I'm not big on talking.

    • Sure. Be honest. Just say, wow, I really want to talk to you but you just have me speechless. Or you say you look fun, I wish I knew what to say to introduce myself to you. Or perhaps, I've been racking my brain trying to thinking of what to say to you and I haven't come up with anything clever but I had to talk to you anyway, my name is ...

      so yes, just say exactly what you're thinking, and perhaps she'll take it from there

  • I think get some friends who are girls (that are not just ones that live online) and go and do things with them. Learn how to relax near them, that sort of thing. Online is a different experience. It is not the reality. Do you meet girls in your daily life? If you do ask if any would like to go on a picnic lunch with you (or if that feel awkward then try to ask two at once or another guy). I hope that helps. I have lot of guy friends who are really nice guy who are very sweet but very shy as well. But over time they are not so shy and they even have great girlfriends now.

    • I'm rarely around girls. How do you become friends with a girl? I've never hung out with a girl one on one or been friends with one so I'm clueless.

    • When it comes to making friends, treat the girls just like you would a guy. Stop thinking of them as different creatures with different sets of rules.

  • It's understandable to be more uncomfortable in person. After all, you can't see people's facial reactions/body language on the internet. I would say take small steps. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to ask a girl out right away, just try talking to a girl in a way you would talk to a friend. Talk about general things. The little things really do build confidence.

  • You can do it! Just pretend you have confidence!


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  • u just have to be brave and go for it ofcourse at 1st u'd have some diffeculities to talk normally like you are talking online but this just a matter of time believe I had the same problem a few years ago at 1st you won't say the all the rite things but with every girl you talk to you gain more confidence I hope this answer your question