Are we dating or are we done?

I like this guy and I told him before Valentines day. I met him back in October. I never tell someone I like them so that was a big step. I then have been talking to him with texts and at first that went great. Then he kinda slowed down on texts but I would see him once a week at his work and we would hangout and talk (he is a dj at a local bar) when he would get a break. He also works during the day till about dinner time and Sunday is his only day off and I usually work all nights except I get three days off and work Sunday mornings then I see him on sat. after I get out of work and stay till he closes so we can chat and chill. We went on a date about a week ago and it was weird because I don't really know him that well but it went and we both had a good time. Then just recently him and I along with our friends hung out after he got done djing. We have always hung out with our friends so going on a date him to me was weird. Since going out twice once by ourselves and once with all our friends he has been distant and what not. I messaged him asking what was going on with us and he tells me be honest I was interested at first. Lately it seems like I have to make the first move for you to come near me and that has to be a mutual thing for me I'm not gonna be the first to initiate everything I like an aggressive girl it shows me that you are interested in me and don't get me wrong you have shown interest but only through text messages its like when I'm with you in person you are afraid to do anything...i don't know the ball is in your court. Mind you I don't hangout that often with him and I don't even know what we are. When I try to hangout with him where are schedules can come together I just get ignored. I mean if I knew what we were and we hung out more often then I would be more aggressive. So what do I do? Are things going to work out? How do I be aggressive now without over stepping the line of just being annoying? HELP!


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  • It seems it's really done now. He has lost interest in you.


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