What do guys expect from their girlfriend in highschool?

So I've never actually had a boyfriend. yesterday, a cute guy asked me out and I said no. I freaked out inside because I'm scared . all the guys think I'm hard to get or a flirt/ player and no one knows I don't even know what I'm supposed to do as a girlfriend or on a date. and there's a bunch of guys who constantly flirt with me and my friends say they like me a lot when theyre witnesses. evrytime I notice a guys starting to really like me and I see the asking out coming I ignore him because I wouldn't know what 2 do if he did.


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  • 1) Read a little or look at a video on this site or on YouTube about dating. 2) Go back to the cute one and get a date. 3) Be yourself.


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  • idk pretty much the same as you would expect from us..but if I were you I wouldn't wanna be "that" girl

  • build your self-esteem up


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