How do you define being a casual friend?

How do you define being a casual friend?
Is it the same as platonic friend, booty call, fuck buddy, friends with benefits or it goes just a little bit closer?

I heard many people saying that all of those terms are the same the same, others differ and they say there are slight differences among them.

Im going to give you 2 cases an and you tell me what kind of relationship those are if there is indeed some kind of relationship one.

1st case.

A guy and a lady called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. But in my opinion, I don’t think they are not even there.

A 45yrd old guy is “dating” a 26 lady. They both have kids from other relationships. The guy calls this lady his girlfriend, bur for me they are not really a gf/bf couple. For instance, the guy never invites his “gf” to attend family get together such as birthdays of their kids or even he invited her to his own birthday with the family like she is his girlfriend and part of the family, the guy never brings the lady with him. Unless he celebrates with her apart and for him she does not mean that much. I mean in my view if you are someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend is natural after some time dating to bring the lady and meet the family. In this case this guy only twice had brought the lady to 2 small family activities and they are supposed to be dating for like 3 years. So when he brings her on these events, he does behave with her like he is his girlfriend not a informal partner, they make out and hug. But only twice the “bf” had brought her to family activities the rest of family events that had taken place he never brings her or take her into account but it seems he still is dating her but he never mentions or talk about her during the social events when she is not around In fact the guy sometimes talk or joke I don’t know (when the lady is not around of course) and says something like “Ohh I like those relationships where you are not tied down” but then he treats her like she is his girlfriend, when he is with her, hug her and make out.
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For me girlfriend is something more serious and formal with some goal in the future for both and treat her as one whether he is with you or not.
The guy and the lady had been supposedly “dating” already 3 years and he even brought her some pricey souvenirs 2 years ago when he went to Europe ( a nice sweater and a very exclusive watch).
Second case
A guy and a woman met 4 years back, but they are not a couple or even dating formally but they are not strangers. The guy do know the lady relatives
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They were attracted to each other, both are in their mid-40´s, single, no kids, never married. They did hang out together 4 times and out of those 4 times 2 times they had sex. But between each date there were gaps of time of no contact. The first 2 times were normal meal dates, spending time together, enjoying talk during the date and a make out session at the end of both dates. The other 2 dates, also they had something to eat first, enjoy time during the meal, laugh, chit chat, and then sex
How do you define being a casual friend?
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