Why hasn't he Kissed me!?

I've gone on a lot of dates with this guy and he have really hit it off. We have the same sense of humor, I've met his friends, he's met my friends...etc. But, I'm wondering why he hasn't gone in for the kiss. Last week, he came over to my place to see a movie. This was the first time that we held hands. Now when we hang out it seems like he is always ABOUT to go in for the kiss. For instance, the other night, I walked him to his car...he was holding me very close to him and finding every topic to bring up so I wouldn't walk away.

Now this guy is a super strong Christian and doesn't really have that much experience with girls. So in my mind I'm thinking that he is just very nervous.

But I need some advice from people who have been in this situation!


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  • hmmm I think you should initiate something. He'd love it! he's just nervous.


What Girls Said 1

  • It'll happen if he likes you, just be patient. There's nothing wrong with just holding hands and enjoying the dates. If you really want to kiss, maybe you can initiate it ;)