What should I do?

So I am dating this guy for 2 weeks and everything is going great. He cares about me and is a bit protective over me.

About 6 months before he asks me out he asked out this girl who goes to a different school and she said no. He got over her and plus he has had a crush on me for like a year. Well she found out he was dating me and now she is pissed. She says she wants to break us up and she is going to steal him from me. I know for a fact that she is going to our homecoming and since she is like pshyco I know she will try and start something. She keeps sending him messages on him myspace and he has told her not to come around me.

I am not a confrontational person buy cause of sports I can pack a punch but I am also a honor student you know top percent of my class and a goodie 2 shoes who has never got in trouble.

He has a slight temper problem and is quite strong and is not afraid of a fight and the repercussions of his actions.

I am afraid that if she says something about me or something to me that is not appropriate he will strike back cause he is protective of me and I am afraid that she will get me in trouble.

I don't know what to do please help me!

How do I avoid confrontaion with her?

Is she gonna be a problem?


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  • I think you should broke up with him


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  • well some people namely psychos should be ignored, because the more attention you give them the more they get to yo and start spoiling your life
    im not a big myspace person but I know that you can block people or report spam because its in every network website policies, so start with telling him to block her on myspace
    when both of you( you and him) ignore her she would eventually give up
    if you see her in homecoming, pretend like she's not there, the more you ignore her the more she's gonna get pissed, but the faster she's gonna give up
    if you decided to play it low like her then you should understand that it can get you in troubles and I'm sure you don't want that since you seem like a student with a bright future ahead and in more common/street words. don't let this witch get in your way, specially if everything is falling in place with you and this guy
    tell him to ignore her as well because it would be useless if you ignore her and he doesn't and make him understand that getting physical is not an option
    good luck with that, and don't worry sooner or later she's gonna give p, just b stronger and don't give up before she does ;)