Guys, why do you call but then stop talking?

Why do guys initiate calls/webcams/texts but then don't talk or uphold a conversation? I feel like I have to keep it up by rambling about my day or asking silly questions. This one guy doesn't even ask much in return, sometimes he just blurts out one or two anecdotes then withdraws back to his xbox. I feel like I'm boring him but he keeps calling and asks me to stay if I leave too soon.

So guys, if you have nothing to say then why do you call consistently? Especially when you're not dating the girl!


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  • If I'm interested in a girl I'd call or chat with her because I want to talk to her. Sometimes though I fret over saying the right thing and consequently can't think of something to say so I stay quiet. I'm sure this is all that's going on.

    When guys really like a girl they think whenever they talk to her that they have to try to be cool/witty/funny to keep her interested.

    Also, if he keeps going back to his xbox it's because he's a guy playing video games - nuff said.

    • Yea, I can understand the thrill of the xbox. Sometimes if we're skyping we just end up both playing our xboxes at the same time while we have our stunted conversations ;)

      Its just weird, he would put me on skype then just distract himself with everything else (if he stops playing his xbox, he'd put on his shows next!) then why call?! I'm like a guy when it comes to these things, talk to me or hang up!

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    • hahahah "the thrill of xbox" so funny!, forreal tho that guy needs to give you a little more attention

    • Unfortunately we can't do face to face. He's too far away until Nov. :/

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