Which one to choose?

I've got no idea why a lot of guys like me in my school;even my seniors . However, I don't care about them and soon they will give up on me. But there's this two guys from my grade,who like me. N to my surprise,they are both good friends! One of them,Mr R,have been admiring me like 9 months ago. The other guy,Mr S admired me about three months ago. They also had my no. I did text them a lot of times.

I find both of them nice. But I know,I can't go on like this,entertaining both.

Mr R,have been admiring me and I got to know it I from my friend, Ms D ,which is his friend too. After tt,when he knew I had a bf,he was disappointed. But after I break,he liked me back. And recently,he gave me a bear.

Mr S,I got to know thatt he like me from Mr R. MS D told me Mr R said thatt if Mr S really like me, he will give in. And I felt so guilty. However,Mr S didn know I know the fact tt he like me. and he got my no. too. Actually it was supposed to be a wrong no. kind of thing. But I've got no idea bout it. So I just txtd him,n he knew me. I think he is reallyreally sweet.But the thing is,he didn told me he like me and I've yet to tell him I know he like me. But recently,after he knew Mr R gave me the teddy bear,he don't text me much anymore:'(.I'm so sad.

But which one is better?


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  • Why choose? Don't choose either. The choice is no choice.


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