Should I block his number from calling me? WHAT IS THIS GAME? how should I handle this?

this is the second weekend in a row where we had plans and then when it comes to hanging out and me confirming it cause we live in different states, he ignores me. I finally called him from a different number and he answered and he's like yea after thinking about it I'm gonna be busy this weekend, then says he was drunk when he said he wanted to see me and felt bad telling me not to come. this is the SECOND weekend in a row he has done this, why tell me you want me to come if you don't? I just texted him never to call or text me again cause I won't answer and I'm done with his games. How can I get back at him now? Should I block his number from calling me? I wanna get under his skin now I'm so angry!


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  • Yeah! block