Guys, would you ever date a female that your best friend once had a serious relationship with?

we all know how females feel about this.i know from previous experience if my best freind dated a guy I once had a serious relationship with I would be extremely hurt.not because of jealousy and not wanting her to be happy .but because I would have a daily reminder of how things use to be whenever he was around. I am the kind of girl that wants past relationships out of my life. that's how I get over people. when guys ask can they be my friend after a horrible break up I always say NO.they think I am being mean but it is because .i can't ever get over you if you are still in my life. I had rather smile, bid our good byes and go seperate ways. Guys, how you would you feel if your best friend dated a female you once really cared about? Would you not approved of it?

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  • From my experience, too, this just causes drama, no matter how you look at it. If it doesn't, their lucky, lol. But also, if it was a long ago past ex, then that's not as much of a big deal. If I had already gotten over her it would be a different story.


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  • Well the tables turned, I met my wifey in HS when I was dating her best friend. Although its been over 10 years together, the typical marital problems, life is still real good and the friend was in our wedding.

  • If they just broke up, then no freaking way would I do that. I've witnessed it pull apart my friend and his best friend. If the break up happened years ago (again it depends on the nature of the break up), then I probably wouldn't mind.

  • nah honesty that asking to start drama if it wasnt one of ur best friends then yeah but nah don't do ur best friend like that it will change ur friendship forvever trust me


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