I called a guy I like, so how long should I wait for him to call?

I have known this guy from when I was 16. I liked him back then. I'm now 28 and have just come out of a 8yr relationship. I texted him to ask how he was. He told me he had just come out of a 5yr relationship. A few days later I texted him and he didn't reply, I txted him 2 weeks after that and he didn't reply. Yesterday I phoned him and left an answer phone message and he hasn't called back. What does this mean? Could he be playing games?

14 days of waiting & I got a txt message with an apology.It seems that he has been busy & has said that we meet up soon.I didn't txt him straight away, I thought I would wait for aboutt 7-10 days to txt him.i dont know how to approach him about going out?
Ok.i have text him twice about meeting up and haven't got any reply yet.but then again it has only been 7 days so I suppose I have to wait another 4 days.what happens if he doesn't wants to meet up.i will feel so stupid.


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  • It means, stop calling him until he returns your call.

    I am sure he got the texts, if not he got the voicemail.

    You threw the ball in his court, he has done nothing. Leave the ball there and walk away until/unless he makes another move and decides to call you.

    There isn't enough information to know if he is playing games or not, or what this could possibly mean. So since you are only in control of your own actions/reactions.just let it roll off your back until you hear something.