Known him for 5 weeks and have only been on 1 date?

He talks likes he's interested and calls me. He travels a lot for work, but I know there's times where he COULD see he if he wanted. Also he'll call and ask what I'm doing that night or on the weekend.

i'm social and men hit on me a lot- I'm always busy because he calls me the day of or gives me like two days notice...and I his last minute girl? Why only ONE date when he calls a few times a week and talks about doing all these things with me?


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  • well he is busy, you are not his first priority. I say see him when you want to see him and when you can, at the same time keep all of your options open. This relationship will move slow, and it will be well unpredictable. I would just have fun with it, if you can just put aside all these high expectations of it developing in to something big. I would cut out talking on the phone too much, when he calls but same time don't change how you talk, be outgoing and nice but cut it out short, do say ye we should hang out well give me a call when you can hang out I'll ttul got 2 go. So that in order for him to know what is going on in your life, and communicate with YOU he has to make a plan to see you, not to string you a long a bit since he does contact you and see you when he feels like it.

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