y'all ever regret sleeping with someone?

I'm a virgin, but I've been messing about with this guy for around a month, and I'd made up my mind that I want to sleep with him when I go to his tomorrow. Its not that first time I've been to his, and we're really just messing about, but the thing is I come from a really religious family that outlaws sex before marriage, so I have all these preconceptions about how its a mistake and I'll regret it. But he's really good, and he's fun and attractive and a good guy, and when weve been talking weve both made it pretty clear that's what we want. I'm still really nervous and scared that I'll end up regretting it, yet at the same time I really want to. How do I get over it if I do end up regretting it?
y'all ever regret sleeping with someone?
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