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Guys, Getting caught?

I have been seeing this guy for about a months. I asked him for the official label w weeks ago and he said he really wants to remain exclusive but not official yet. Well a couple of things came up on his end and we have not been able to get together and I am worried I'm low on his priorities all the sudden. So I want to talk to other guys in case this does not pan out, but I am worried how he would react if he found out, since he made it clear he wants to be exclusive a couple of times. I tried to call him and get a feel for he sincerely wants my time, but he was busy with a friend In the hospital, (the weekend before we did not get together bc he made plans with friends to have beers.)
So my question is if u were seeing a girl exclusively but she was not your girlfriend how would you react if she was just talking to others guys (as a back up)?
Guys, Getting caught?
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