Why Is It So Hard For A Guy To Say "I Have A Girlfriend"?

This guy has been flirting, pursuing, going out of his way, and pretty much making it obvious he is interested in me. The flirting started a few months back and has been progressing. He knows I like him. He seems shy and blushes, so I figured that was why he hasn't asked me out yet. Then I heard that he 'might' have a girlfriend. I thought to myself...let me ask without coming out and asking and see what he says, as why would he not be upfront about something like that. I sent a message suggesting that "maybe we can go hangout sometime, of course unless you are involved with someone". He didn't reply but turned up the interest from then on. Well, I got confirmation from a friend of mine that YES, he does have a girlfriend and has for at least a few months from what she heard..possibly longer, but she couldn't confirm beyond a few months. Guess that is why he didn't reply to my text telling me so.

WTH?!?!...please tell me why it is so hard for a guy to say those 4 little words...'I Have a Girlfriend'...or even 'I am seeing someone', etc, etc. I mean, what is the point in not only withholding that information, but acting interested. Would a guy want his girlfriend to pretend or be vague with people about her status? I bet not. If someone liked me I would let them know I had a boyfriend. It is only right. And this guy is in his late 40's...so it isn't like this is high school. Is this normal?


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  • Maybe he's not happy with her, and looking for someone new. He doesn't wanna destroy his chances with you so it's in his best interest to hide it. If you're the one he prefers, he'll dump her for you. If not, then he can move on while keeping his girl.

    She's basically a safety net.

    • It sure seems like a safety net. Based on the time line, it seems once he was with her he showed more interest in me. He knew I liked him before they hooked up. He won't go out with me because we work together, although he was acting like I was going to be the exception. But I still don't appreciate someone acting interested when all the while they have a girlfriend and conceal it from me. Well, I told him that I know about the girlfriend and now he can't face me, so the flirting has stopped so far.

    • Good, don't be his substitute.

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