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Does she want me to ask her out?

A server at a restaurant that I do minor repairs at always seems to talk to me when I come by. I notice that when she tells me stories or talks to me it’s generally about guys hitting on her or creeping her out at bars when she goes out (she knows I am a bouncer at a local bar downtown). She also asked why I wasn’t working when she was at the club I work at recently. After completing some repairs tonight I ordered a meal and she seemed super chatty. She had the kitchen staff butter my bun and add some extras to my dish. She tried to talk to me about the hockey game but I don’t follow hockey nor was I really paying attention. She made a point of telling me about her new personal trainer. She asked me what I was doing tonight and if I had my son (i’m a single father). I said I wasn’t doing much and she said she wasn’t doing anything either. I paid my bill and left. I’m not sure if she likes me and wants me to ask her out or if she is just being friendly because we have mutual friends etc. I think she is very cute and thoughtful, I’d be interested in a date but i’m not sure if she is. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
Does she want me to ask her out?
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