He cancelled many dates with me for his friends. Was this the right thing to do?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of one year 6 hours ago. The reason was because he cancelled many dates with me for his friends. The first few times I didn't care and when it got to being everyday I couldn't handle it. He lied to me today and I caught in the act. He told me he was going to some place I hate myself for doing this :'( but its always like this after I gave him space he enjoyed it too much I guess its better to leave it like this :"( he's constantly giving me attitudes I don't know what's wrong with him :"(( I need help please ;"(( I love him with all my heart idc what you have to say about it but I do I did and made and gave everything to him. :"( help please


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  • Sit down and talk to him about it. Tell him you want him to hang out with his friends, because I assume you do, and you don't want to rule his life, because I assume you don't, but that he also needs to make time for you because you're just as important as them. Say you'd like to hang out with him at least once a week. That's not asking much at all, and if he can't even agree to that well, then, there's a problem. When my boyfriend and I are going to hang out but his friends invite him over he generally just invites me to go, too. ANd it may seem awkward but I'm sure they'll really like you. Just be confident and talk and laugh and they'll love you. And by doing that, showing interest in his friends and wanting to get to know them and hang out with them, too, he might appreciate you more. Right now it seems like he's just walking all over you. Or, if not, he just doesn't realize that it hurts you. Just sit down, don't yell, don't fight, don't accuse him, and just explain what's going on. Say you'd love to go with him and you don't mind spending time with him and his friends. However you do want one day a week where it can be just you two.

    That's not too much to ask for and he should respect that. Yes bros before hos but you're his girlfriend. And that's not how you treat your girlfriend. I always despised that saying because while, in some situations it can reign true as far as plans go it's who ever makes them first and he should know that and respect you. Either by hanging out with them some other time or by offering to bring you along.

    But talk to him, like adults. That's the only way you'll solve this. So many relationship fall apart because people don't COMMUNICATE. That's the basis of EVERY successful relationship and people don't realize how simple it is. And if he refuses to talk about it, leave. He's not mature enough to handle a relationship anyway and you're clearly above him anyway. Because you're the one willing to talk and negotiate and you're not asking too much of him, and you're willing to listen to his grievances and work with him to come up with a solution, and he's not. That shows a lot about his character.


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