How bad does it hurt your chances if the girl you like is going on a date with someone else?

She has plans tonight and I think it may be a date

I haven't asked her yet but I really wanna


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  • This is exactly what happens when you stall around in the friendzone. When you meet a girl, get to know her a little, you will know weather she is someone you want to be with. If you want her, you have to start letting her know you like her, otherwise she will always see you as only a friend or a face in a book.

    Let her know that you like her, and better do it soon.

    If you love someone, you have the ability to set them free, if they care about you, they will return.

    • I know and I realize that (I've actually liked her for a really long time before and even though she liked me back, I waited too long and she moved on.)

      She just now became single again and I've been wanting to try again but I don't know if this is bad if she did go on one

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    • I'm taking the class this semester and I brought it up and the teacher was like "Oh, I remember it. She said she wanted my help because she wanted it to be good because she really liked this guy"

    • There is never enough talk when it comes down to love. This was more than I expected, which is good, if you use it right. What you two need is a walk in a park of memories.

      Your lives can go on, meet new people, maybe fall in love but things will never be the same with someone else. Tell her that she is the one you want and make it in a way that she sees that you are for real.

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  • Not really because she could just be exploring all her options. If you haven't even asked her out then you need to if you want to date her. You still have a chance you should just make a move. If I go on a date with a guy it doesn't mean I'm automatically gonna get in a relationship with him or sleep with him, I'm just getting to know him to see where the potential could go. I could go out with "John" Friday night, "Jacob" on Saturday and hang out with "Justin" on Sunday if I'm single. Doesn't mean anything until I start spending a lot of time with one particular guy.

  • she's moving on from you


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  • If she knows you like her, means she likes him more then you. Doesn't take rocket science to figure that 1 out. Move on.