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Does this guy I’m dating seem to be cheap?

I started seeing this guy and we've been on two dates now.

He's 40 and works for the county.

We met on a dating app and he said he would go out for appetizers and drinks, so we met up at a local restaurant.

After I came in and he said hello, he didn't really offer me any kind of menu or the drink menu. I say down and picked a drink.

He then didn't ask me if I wanted to eat anything.

After about 30 minutes of talking, the bar tender came and said that happy hour was almost over and that if we wanted to order anything to let her know. He then said..."No we're good... actually, let's get the filet minion."

I found it odd that he initially turned down food when he said we'd be eating appetizers.

I also wondered why he didn't at least ask me what I preferred.

He turned to me and then said, “You'll pick the next one."

Fast forward a week later, we are out at a restaurant again, and prior to that, he said we were going "out for dinner."

When I got there, I opened the menu and he said, "You get to pick this time." and I was so confused and got kind of uncomfortable thinking, "I thought this guy wanted to have dinner, not share something."

I just told him, "I'm going to get my own thing, are you doing to eat?"

And he was like "Yeah!"

What the heck did he mean? Was he trying to suggest we split a dish or an appetizer again?

I'm so put off. Is this normal? I've been on my fair share of dates before, but haven't experienced something like that.

Is he trying to not spend money?
29 d
I’m not saying he should pay.

I’m saying that I wasn’t sure if he was trying to have us just get an appetizer for the whole night or share one entree.
Does this guy I’m dating seem to be cheap?
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