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Why is this girl so dumb?

This girl rejected me, but chose this ugly and stinky indian guy over me? WTF! Like, I'm more handsome than him, I drive a Porsche, a Maserati and a Ferrari. I'm the damn CEO of my father's business and yet this girl chose that stupid indian guy over ME? The funny thing is that indian guy is just bullied by us. He's shy and won't even make a move and has a terrible English accent and he only gave her flowers but couldn't even take her out while I know I can afford more that just that. Hell I can take her to a 5 star hotel and I'm confident enough to do so. I'm a dean's lister from the University of Nevada. I have a lot of chicks and the ones from Mexico, Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines cumin after me and yet she chose that perverted looking indian who has a few friends while I'm the center of the attention?
Indians are attractive.
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This indian guy doesn't even own a car. I don't even ask what he does for a living. I just shove my worth to their face.
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I have like, a 6 pack abs and I have muscles. I have a fair skin complexion while he's obese and just brown like UGH!
Why is this girl so dumb?
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