Second date, how do I get him to kiss me?g

This guy that I'm seeing is pretty shy.. We've hung out a couple times and gone on a date.. I want that kiss but I'm afraid that he's to shy to make the move.. How do I get him to brake out of his shell and kiss me?!


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  • When you find out can you tell me the secret? ;-)

    I'd love to say that just being more flirty/touchy MIGHT be enough to convince this guy you wanna kiss, but if this guy is anything like me (never kissed a girl!) then it'll take some more convincing.

    If you really want a kiss so badly and there seems to be a good opportunity - sieze it and kiss him yourself! I'd be a lot less nervous about kissing a girl if it wasn't my first time so a girl making the first move takes a lot of pressure off the situation.

    Hope that helps. :-)


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