Would you allow your partner who is an actor to kiss another person?

Say your Married or dating an actor/actress, and he/she loves you like there is no tomorrow. When he or she goes to work on a movie set, would you be okay with them Kissing another Actor/actress. Leave your comments explaining your answers =)

  • Its Okay since I know they would be coming home to me in the end?
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  • No I wouldn't allow it
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  • no I wouldnt...i would never date an actor for this reason. it is just wrong. all of it is...its an easy excuse for cheating. and I couldn't handle that.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Well my boyfriend and I are both Theatre majors, so this has happened to us in college plays. I'm fine with it, because I trust my boyfriend, but I stil feel kinda funny when I have to watch it.

    My boyfriend puts up with it because he has to, but I know he doesn't like it. The last guy I played opposite of and had to kiss was actually a guy my boyfriend doesn't like at all, so that made it a lot harder for him.

    I'd guess that intense makeout scenes or sex scenes would be a lot harder to be OK with for both me and him though, rather than just simple kissing.

    • Yea neither can i, its not my kind of thing, but if my girlfriend loves acting then I have to accept it. Good luck with your career

    • thanks :)

  • i think its fine, after all they're just acting, its their job.

  • you have to because it's their job

  • I would be fine with it, but I wouldn't want them to do it.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's not like I can't "allow it" but I wouldn't be happy with it :\