Should I call him? I'll keep it super short, promise.

I was meeting a guy who gives insane mixed signals, when I walked into the meeting place I was on the phone. He made the comment "For a sec I thought you were calling me but then I remembered you never call me haha" I'm always the one to text him first so I know he doesn't mean he just wants ME to contact HIM.

Do you think he wants me to call him or was it just a off hand comment?


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  • Yes I think he does want you to call him...he's just not sure about how you feel. I'd call him..and say "heyyy...since you said I never call you I figd I'd call you! now what!?!?haha!" just be fun & flirty with him when you call him. The guy I am talking to says the same a texter...he hates texting but he will text me, but he usually calls me first and if we don't talk for a day, the next time I hear from him he always says- "why do I always have to call you first, you don't know how to call nobody?!?!" I just giggle & say sorry! Just try never might end up on the phone for hours! Just feel out his vibe..see if he is trying to get off the phone or if he is trying to keep you on the phone. G'luck! =)