If the guy Doesn't ask me on a second date, does that mean he Doesn't like me?

He asked me out on a date and he took me to a real nice and expensive restaurant. We hitted off right away and we coulnd keep our hands off from each other. After he got us champagne! He was a real gentleman... we had an amazing connection. It's been a week and he texted a few times, but he didn't mention the second date. The trick is... we live four hrs apart..


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  • The way you feel he acted doesn't sound like just being nice to me. 4 hours distance is a long time and maybe that person has other problems to take care of (job/school) and he thought it would be better to not bother you with his problems and just waiting for a good opportunity to do it again.

    The first dates should be done weekly not daily, like most girls think.


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