Why is it so hard to say yes when he asks me out?

ok so I really like this h=guy and when he asks me out I just can't say yes. It so weird like I really wanna say yes but every time the word no slips out. It really sucks Because I've liked him for like 2 years now and I am really hoping hell ask me again. Please tell me you think its so hard for me tosay yes.

ive said no before and still keeps asking me...
he went out with one of my friends and she asked him if he was serious when he asked me out and he said yes and he also said he likes me...he also said that he doesn't know if he was serious when he asked her out so I think that means no for her
he asked me out and I said yes!


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  • lol I find it harder for girls to say no... haha

    if you said no the first time he ain't gonna ask you again. you gotta take initiative to talk to him now...


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  • lol well stop saying no! maybe you like him so much you just get excited & nervous, and you just say no. If he doesn't ask you again, contact him & ask him if he'd still like to go out...g'luck! =)

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