Do you think you (mostly) understand the opposite sex?

Prompted by a recent q by @EmbraceThePain Why do you think men misunderstand women? I thought I would ask this question.
Do you think you (mostly) understand the opposite sex?
This is complicated. Or extremely simple. I haven't quite decided yet.
What concerns me right now is the divisiveness between the sexes. In some ways there appears to be a lot of interest in the opposite sex, in getting together, and the rare but optimistic idea of a romantic relationship that is fulfuilling to both parties. However from another angle, there is so much discord, mistrust, and criticism of the other. It feels like metal on metal, rubbing and scraping, with no oil, no lubricant in between. Yes, that's what I'll call it - where has the social lubricant (tolerance, not alcohol) gone?

Some of you bring up study results that are becoming somewhat common knowledge (ex: women's desire for 'alpha' males, which seemingly contradicts their outward requests for sensitivity. Or the oppression of men and idea of 'toxic masculinity'. Or the rise [actually 4th wave] of 'feminism' but which is now a bastardization of the true meaning of the word.) I think we cannot dismiss these findings. However, are we interpreting them properly? Deeply enough? Are the differences being magnified too much and unnecessarily? And are they helpful to us?

In some ways, I can see 'sea changes' are happening, and there is a lot of uneasiness and unhappiness right now, yet in other ways is there a hyperfocusing on differences now. Is it genuine cultural shifts, or are our brains rewiring to see things differently, with more tension and hostility than what actuallly exists? There is overt aggression, passive-aggression, and the misinterpretation of aggression, which causes people to either get their backs up, or retreat.

Well, I'm running out of characters again so apparently I've said enough. Are you more 'Wtf is going on?" and is everything really f'd? Or do people need to get a grip, get some perspective, and everything's ok?
Yes, I think I (mostly) understand the opposite sex.
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Do you think you (mostly) understand the opposite sex?
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