30 d


I downloaded bumble to be more social. Just wanted to meet people around the area, go out more etc.
I matched with this guy and we talked for less than an hour, he proposed to meet (mind you this was at like 8pm). I was skeptical but after confirming he wouldn’t kill me, I agreed to meet him.
We got some dessert at a local place by where I live, all good, I hadn’t been murdered yet. We walked around and chatted. He then offered to watch a movie back at my place, cause we were discussing movies and all. My dumbass said okay but I’m not stupid, I know what Netflix and chill is. Anyway, I was certain I wasn’t going to do anything so we went to my place. Long story short we ended up making out. It was my first kiss. No joke, and I had told him that.
He was very understanding and didn’t push anything. He would kiss my cheek first several times, then he “taught “ me how to kiss. We cuddled, he kissed my neck and was a little touchy. Then he offered to go to my room because the couch was uncomfortable but that was off limits for me. I told him he would leave my place disappointed if he was expecting anything to happen. He said he could kiss me all night long and he would be fine with it. Said I was cute and pretty and had a good personality. Anyway, he got... aroused and I even ended up feeling him over his pants 😳 I was just curious and stopped afterwards. He also placed himself between my legs and made out with me an even rubbed against me.
In the end, he said it was too late for him and that he had to go back home, cause he lives an hour away, so he ended up leaving.
He takes really long to reply. He works like a madman so I understand that.. but I have to wait a day to even get a reply back, and only I have initiated conversation. I know we aren’t a thing. he knows he was my first “experience “ and shit. I don't know. Either he genuinely had to leave cause he had to drive and was tired, or he was just there for a reason and left because he couldn’t get me to give in.
30 d
What do you guys think happened? I can’t stop thinking about him because he was my first “experience “ ish and I’m so confused as to what to do. I don’t want to come off as desperate so I’m holding back from messaging too much.
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