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Do I sound normal?

- I have no friends. I literally only speak to someone online on a somewhat regular basis
- I have no dating experience. I have never been approached by a guy that I like. 25 years and no romance
-I work at a job and don’t talk to anyone. People don’t talk to me either, I think they may have tried in the beginning. I go in and go out without talking to anyone.
- I am a worrier, negative and just expect the worst from life. Clearly a loner.
-I live on my own, bought a condo. No one comes to visit me because I know no one.

When I say I have no one, I mean it. I have family members nearby but that’s it and even them I worry about. Is it normal to be this introverted. Most people have friends and such. Not to mention, I suck at my job that I’ve been in for 8 months. It’s my first real job and I surprisingly haven’t gotten fired yet.
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Do I sound normal?
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