How can we kiss?

I love to make out with my boyfriend, but we're both sloppy kissers... It seems like every time we finish making out, we have to wipe our faces from all the saliva.. gross, I know. :(

How can I fix my habits, and fix his as well?


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  • go slower and softer to begin with... and swallow occasionally!

    • Okay, well if I do that myself, how can I help fix my boyfriends bad habits?

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    • Well I actually think I am doing it fine, it's just all he does is open his mouth fully and stick his tounge out fully. It's like he's suctioning my face :P

    • lol.. just tell him you want to try kissing another way and tell him to copy what you are doing? That might work, but he might also take offense to it and think that you don't like the way he kisses you.. Hmm.. maybe say you wanna kiss in a sexier slower way and then you show him? It feels better and makes you tingle lol so hopefully he'll feel that too and then pick it up from there. Or just tell him honestly that he uses too much tongue! All that saliva can give you pimples or coldsores!

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  • keep your mouth closed

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