My ex and I have been back and forth. I need some serious help here.

my ex and I

have been back and forth for like 3 months now

and today we texted and he said he was in town

and had been in town all weekend with a friend (girl)

did he say it to make me jealous?

but than out of no where he shows up at my work

and talks to me etc.. he is the type that ignores me than talks to me again..idk what to do


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  • hey, judging by the story you have provided BOTH of you are used to seeing each other in single bursts like a sex weekend or "come over mine tonight" and where both of you are used to that you have given him the chance to do the same in between when he talks to you, this might sound harsh but I have a mate that does it and he says its so then when one doesn't want it he can move on.

    if I was in your situation I wouldn't talk to him anymore, he seems like a user and no one that wants to settle down, if you want a fling kind of relationship then go for it but if you want more then move on and find someone worthy of you.

    hope this helps


    • tru that but

      we dated for a year

      and had only sex once

      he was my first

      hes in the army

      so distance was a problem to..

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