Guys, how long after a first date do you call?

Guys how log after a first date do you call a girl, and how long should a girl wait before giving up and thinking you are never going to call?


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  • I will call that night and talk to her. Guys and girls need to stop making up or listening to stupid rules about how long they should wait to call. Because everyone has different rules, and its just stupid. Girls don't want guys to call too soon because then they think they're desperate, but they don't want them to wait too long because then they think they're not interested. If you're intested, call as soon as you have time. And if you're a girl, why can't you call or text and say you had a good time? It just amazes me how we have stupid rules that some girl wrote in a dating book years ago, and every girl expects guys to jump through this time window. I have a friend who she expects a guy who wants to do something with her on the weekend, to ask on Wednesday or before. If he asks after that in regards to the weekend, she will tell him no. That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If you give a guy your number and he calls you that day or night, it doesn't mean he's desperate. It means he wants to get to know you and talk to you. Girls, if you're that anal about when a guy should call, DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER!

    • Why so angry?

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    • Who are they anyway? I don't know any women who play games like that, some traditions are hard to break and also we as women are constantly being told not to be the aggressor in the first stages of dating,

      None of us are experts in this weird dating world, times are changing we will all get there eventually (I hope) :-)

    • These are just normal college aged girls that I work with. I know it's a lot more common then you think.

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  • in my opinion, after 2 nights (one night to think about the date, next to think about you)

    also a guy might have a really busy schedule or have something unexpected come up. so I think a week or more should be acceptable as well

    but alas, as jarrett said, it doesn't really matter, guys don't have set rules to follow (that I know of.) so why should it make a difference? everyone is different, and of course guys are just fine with girls calling or texting first.

    do whatever you prefer.


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  • Sorry Jarett but guys are the same with their rules too.What would be good if guys and girls actually listened to one another then guys would know that girls would like a call/contact asap if a date went well, same as girls would know that its ok (from what your saying) to call a guy.

    Guys have stupid dating rules (three date rule for sex etc) just same as girls do. It's all a game, it shouldn't be but it is.

    • 3 dates for sex? If a girl is willing to have sex in a couple dates, is not my type of girl. Any girl that has sex after a couple of dates is not a respectable woman, and girls wonder why guys just use girls for sex. It's because they can get away with it.

    • Jarett - gawd your so angry at women. I was generalising, some guys have that rule, some girls have that rule, others have other rules. Your picking out one thing rather than whole thing actually what I was stating, which is that girls and guys do not understand each other ~ it's a shame why we cannot be upfront and say actually how we feel about someone at the end of a date and our intetions ~ but society ditates the "dating game" cannot be played like that.

    • I'd love to say to a guy hey I really like you I see us having a future together ~ gees can you imagine if I did, he'd run a mile in the opposite direction.

      Guys have rules, ways, game plans, deal breakers ~ that only they know about!

      Gilrs have rules, ways, game plans, deal breakers ~ that only they know about!

      We are the same, but just different and hence we struggle to understand each other - and most of the time never bother to try to either.

  • Men are like blow tourches {heat up quickly cool off quickly}

    Women are like ovens {take time to warm up}

    With regards to dating, feelings and orgasms