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I just met this guy 1 1/2 month ago at camping for 3 days. He is 6 years younger than me. When at camping, he is always starting a conversation with me only and tell me many things about himself and also ask about me. We have a great conversation. After camping, he call me for chatting for 1 time only, then after that, he only missed call me but I didn't return his call.

Should I return his call? Why he only missed call me (only ringing for a very short time, 2 second), is he want me to call him back or what? When he missed call me for a several time and I didn't return his call, then now, they didn't call me again and didn't missed call me also. But I don't know why I'm started miss him already. I always wait for his call or his missed call. I'm confuse now and what is he mean?


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  • How about sending him a text?


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