Should I text him?

I'm interested in this guy in my Spanish class, and I know that another girl in our class has a class with him, so I was asking her what kind of girls he likes and it got back to him, so he knows I'm interested now but due to the fact I wasn't in class yesterday, and he wasn't in there today we haven't faced each other since he found out.

Well today after class my friend ran into him and told him "I think you scared her off" joking of course, and told him she was tired of being the mediator and tried giving him my number but for some reason he didn't take it.she told me it seemed like he didn't have his phone with him or his focus was on something else at the time or something, but then he gave her HIS number to give to me and wants me to text him.

I don't know whether I should or not though because I don't want to keep chasing him over and over, or have him think I'm too eager and scare him off. Plus, if he was interested why wouldn't he get my number you know?

Do I text him or not?


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  • His focus wasn't on something else lol he just doesn't want to be responsible for the tough task of making that first call/text. It is a little nerve racking but in general I think the guy should do it. He already knows you like him but you have no idea if he likes you! You could really go either way. Text him if you feel like it, although it was pretty sly of him to put all the pressure on you :P


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  • i would say during your next class, try and sit close to him, not directly beside but like 2 seats away ( the best would probably be him then your friend between you and him.

    its like 50/50, but I would also think about acting like you didn't know that it got back to him, just chat and make conversation before the class starts, maybe ask him about something class related, like "do you understand such and such about this?"

    do that for a couple classes and see how he reacts.

    You could text him after 1 or 2 classes, or ask to see his phone and put your number in it.

    good luck!


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  • i understand. if he didn't ask if you had a number or took it it means he night not be fond of you or is either shy. Text him once and see if he is good or up to no good. When you find this out decide yourself whether you think he wants to stay in touch. don't just do it out of desperity