How do I know if a guy wants me to call him?

I have a friend that I'm interested in, but not so sure if he's interested in me. Last week, I went over to his place to chill like usual, but he started becoming considerate and closer to me. I think I'm getting mix signals and maybe he's comfortable with me. I even slept over at his place next to him, but didn't do anything. We're just good with being friends, I guess. At times, I'm always the one initiating texts. He would respond back quickly, but when I start asking him "what he's doing today?" He won't reply back. Does he want me to call him? I don't know if he's a text person or a phone person. He's just seems whatevers, but when I see him we talk a lot.


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  • You guys are friends. Nothing wrong with a friend calling a friend..