Should I start texting her and calling her more?

We've been on two dates, and we've gotten closer physically and emotionally.Problem is we can't see each other more than twice a week max usually because of our schedules.

I currently call her once a week average and text her like every two days. Should I increase that? Do girls like for guys to contact them more to show that they're serious?

I've been wondering whether I should increase how much I talk to her. What's been keeping me back is that we haven't said we're officially a couple yet, and that she will never text or call me first under any circumstance besides telling me important information.

So should I start talking to her more will she be annoyed if I do? I don't want to bother her, I'm sure she would hint to me that I was being annoying right?


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  • Yes please contact her more! She is waiting for you to take the lead and make the next move! If the dates went well, have an emotional and physical connection... Don't miss an opportunity to see where this can go! NOW is the perfect time to send a good morning message, start her day with a smile!


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  • First,declare that you two are officially dating;KEY POINT.Then,I personally prefer that you avoid any pattern in calling,you don't want it to seem like you are just fulfilling an obligation or routine-you'll both get tired of the relationship.Be mysterious and keep her guessing and longing about what you'll do next.girls love to brag to their friends about such guys.

  • YES contact her more. Even a simple "Have a good day!" or "Hope you slept well :)" is great


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