Guys, have you ever used your ex as a rebound for your new girl?

Broke up with my ex a year ago. We stayed in contact for a while then went our own separate ways. He has been "dating" a girl for 9 months, on and off. He's come crawling back to me many times for most of their relationship because he misses me and she can't give him what he wants. I'm trying to figure out if I'm the rebound to her or if she's the rebound to me.

So have you ever gone back to an ex as a rebound and how long after you broke up with your ex did you get into this new relationship?

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  • No, and I never would want to be with an ex again. It might be he just wants you for sex, you know? Some guys think an ex is easy f*** for some reason (usually cause, from what I've seen, they're right -_-)

    • Completely agree but in my case, that's not it. Most of our contact is over the phone and he is still with her and gets laid by her I'm assuming. I just don't know why he'd keep emotionally leading me on and asking me out when he's with someone!

    • Cause many guys, sadly, are pigs and want more than just one f*** buddy at a time :\ so he might be trying for that? Or maybe, I dunno, he realized what he had?

    • We'll we're not having sex so that's not it. I thought it was the second one since he was treating me so well and seemed to have realized what he lost. And then he ran away, again. It's all so confusing. He was always running whenever anything got serious.

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  • My ex and I slept together on and off for a year and a half after we broke up. She ended up cutting it off when she got with some other guy, and 6 months later I was in a relationship that lasted two and half years.


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  • My ex broke up with me and started dating one of his ex's from a long time ago. We continue to mess around a year later up till I found out he was married. I thought she was just a rebound becAuse he got with her a month later, then gotten married before the year ended. That's just crazy. I cut him off and said your happy and married you should be sexually satisfied. Well I guessed wrong because he still wants to hang out

    • OMG! sorry but he's DISGUSTING! he sounds a lot like my ex, we broke up 5 months ago after a 6 year relationship, right after we broke up, he went running to his ex from years ago and now he's getting engaged to her next month! he makes me sick, it juust makes me feel stupid and regret that I gave him my all for 6 fuc*in years! KARMA is a bit** ...stop messing around with him please! he's not worth it, he's doing this because he has no self confidence in himself,all I can say is EW, from both ex's