Why does she say we need to hang out but then can't???

i was texting this girl and I told her we should hang out she said duhhh and then when the time came to ask her to chill she said she couldn't because she was busy but says she wishes she could . I asked her two more times same thing but we had a conversation and that came up again and she goes we need to hang out soon.she tells me that she likes me and that she's nervous around me which apparently is weird for her. and to top it off she started everything gave me her number and everything.. we always talk in school but I've never called her only texted.. I mean should I ask her again or just wait till she wants to go on her own. what should I do ?


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  • e.e sounds like she was interested and now no longer. the process of communication is super important. a girl can read if a guy is too clingy or playing hard to get. ahem... only some girls can tell. and she seems to be able to. honestly. throwing a few more text to see if you wanna hang out would just seem more desperate. its time to step off and relax and just go back to the way you were. normal conversations nothing about going out or anything and show your not the clingy type. she'll come around.

    • see I told her I liked her and she told me that she liked me too and that we should hangout soon and I had asked her like the week before and she brought it up.

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