How long until second date?

First date went well. How soon would you expect/want to go out again?

  • Same day
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  • Next day
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  • 2-5 days later
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  • 6 or more days
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  • in about a week.

    • Thanks. We went to lunch on Monday. This week is finals and next week is Spring Break so it'll be awhile before we can go out again... :-/

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  • I'd say 5-8 days. Ideally it would be a situation where you go out on the weekend and make plans for the following weekend. Just makes sense, really. And don't do the stupid wait-three-days nonsense, send a text the following day saying you had a good time.

    • We met for lunch on Monday. This week is finals week and next week is Spring Break. Thursday we are both going to the bars for St Patricks day but with different groups of friends. I was going to try to meet up with her there but otherwise it'll be over a week before I can see her again.

    • Then opt for seeing her on Thursday if you can arrange to cross paths. Otherwise it's too long and she could lose interest.

    • Well I was still gonna keep in touch with her over the break. There's not really anything else I can do though.

  • A week later or depeding on the days we are free.


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