Getting the First Date - Tips

What can I do to improve my chance of a girl saying, "yes" when I ask her out on a date? Besides, "just be yourself" and "just ask"...what kind of tips can you ladies give me? Should I try to be funny? Romantic? Thanks!!


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  • Depends on the girl. Some girls will be interested in the actual event (concert, show, new restaurant or club). Some girls will just be interested (or un-interested) in hanging out with the guy asking. Some girls are honestly busy and will always have to consider their schedule.

    I wouldn't go too romantic at first. Save the good stuff for later. If you struggle with getting a "yes" then maybe you should invite girls to happy hours or similar events that some mutual friends will also be attending and use the time to break the ice before asking her out solo.

    Humor always works too. It makes you more appealing to hang out with and such.

    I'd say something funny, get a smile on her face and casually ask if she'd like to catch a movie or a bite to eat sometime.


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  • I like it when it's simple and clear. I can tell you what NOT to say:

    "I have been watching you for a long time " that's creepy

    "What type of guys do you date/like?" that's lame and the answer will be "not you"

    If you have been flirting with her for a while, I am sure she thinks you are interested in her and would love to hear you say "I would like to ask you out" or "Can I call you sometime?"

    Just tag it at the end of your conversation, real breezy like, and you will really impress her.

  • Don't come off too strong - I think she'd be much more likely to say yes if it really does seem like it's something for the two of you to go do and see how you get along.

    One thing I've run from (and I know other girls who have, too) is someone who gives me the impression that one date means you think we're madly in love and should start planning marriage.

    • I haven't had that happen often but would definitely agree I'd run from someone coming on way too strong.

  • Make sure she's interested a little, if she flirts back, or she gives you certain looks, don't over due it with the romantic things, being funny is always good, but if your not naturally funny it might come off kinda of weird. maybe just hang out as friends for a little bit ask her if she wants to hang out with your friends...and then maybe offer to pay for her...

  • Just be casual about it. Adopt a "I want to date you because I like you but it s not the end of the world if you say no" approach. And if she says no, and it isn't because she's busy that day, forget about it.. move on!


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  • Keyword: confidence

    You aren't trying to trick her into saying "yes". You want her to know you like her and you expect she'll like you too.

    This is what I do:

    1. I make direct eye contact, grin and flirt for a few minutes

    I want her to know I'm into her and I want her to know I think she's damn sexy.

    2. I say something like, "I'd like to treat you to dinner"

    I don't promise "a night she'll never forget" - she'll see right through that bullshit. Instead, I make it a point to say "I" (not "would you...with me?" or "are you interested....Friday night?") and I say "treat" instead of "take" or "come with". That way she knows that I'll be paying and I'm promising a good time.

    3. If she says no, then I grin again and say something like, "let me know when you change your mind". I don't say it like an ass, just casually because, well, I expect her to change her mind.

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