Dating after death of a fiancee?

I met this guy about two weeks ago and he told me immediately up front that his fiancee passed away in February unexpectedly. They were together for about 3 years. He told me he is not looking to jump right into another relationship but life does go on and he's ready to meet new people and keep living and whatever happens happens. I know everyone has different coping skills but I just would like to get someone's opinion being that his fiancee passed away only a month or so ago. In a way I feel sort of guilty but in another way I don't.


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  • This would be a huge red flag to me. There is no way this guy can be through a grieving process so either 1) hold on for a bumpy ride or 2) he did not have a real connection to her.

    I work with a man who is still struggling with grief from the death of his girlfriend and it was 20 years ago. He has married and has 3 children and the impact of her death still leaves him reeling.

    I would not date this guy. I would maintain a friendship but nothing more until I spent several months with him. He needs time to grieve and, if he doesn't, then something just does not add up here.


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  • Wow.. that seems really soon. My concern with that is, has he really gone through the grieving process? Some people move through it quickly, but if he truly hasn't made it through the stages yet, he might have some emotional issues concerning dating or might be looking simply to fill that emptiness.

    It's something I have never gone through, and I nor anyone else can really make and generalizations about him... after all, he is still here and still has a life to live. Life is short, he might just be making what he can of it because he knows better than anyone now that not everyday is a guarantee.

  • take it don't want to hurt the guy's feeling's in any way.

    i think he's not completely over her...death is the hardest thing to deal with..its up to you to put up with this guy because believe me he will go through emotional roller-coaster when he starts seeing you more often and being reminded of things he did with his previous love.