Is my girlfriend in a rebound relationship?

First off my ex girlfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years. then just this jan, she broke up with me. We don't really get into much fights. I don't know why she broke up with me. but I just accepted it when she told me. no use trying to fight it. its been one month since our breakup. her friends told me that she was entertaining this another guy just during that month. I was hurt and shocked. I don't know if she moved on or if she is just in a rebound relationship. what are the chances that she is in a rebound relationship? because I really want to get her back.

also when I text or call her. she responds immediately we are friends but we don't really contact that much. I just want to keep the communication open between us. so we can communicate easily but not like before.. I really want her back and I need advice

the guy she is dating used to be my friend. I've heard some bad stuff about him from his roommates. I actually felt that he likes my girlfriend when we were together there were signs. I actually told my girlfriend that I think he likes her.
she told me that she was not interested in him. he would call her and she would get angry. he is very pushy. but now this? she is seeing him I don't know but it really hurts. he didn't even wait for a month.


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  • Oh man, that sucks. My ex did the same damn thing. Left me and then hooked up with other guys only a few weeks later.

    One of them is a former friend of mine. I even joked after we broke up that she should date him... and she was like, no, he's nowhere near my type, he's awful, blah, blah... (and he isn't her type - at all)

    But that doesn't stop them from dating and sleeping together. It may be a rebound... and your ex may be in a rebound with this guy too. Often, I've read that girls find a guy who is the opposite of the guy they had dated when they are in a rebound.

    So, it is likely in your case. Of course, she may have also had eyes on your friend while you were going out... I've thought about that in my case, too.

    Either way, I would'nt wait around for them to fail and for her to come back. I know that really sucks, but you need to move on right now. It does, very, very rarely, happen that the ex comes back after a rebound... but don't wait for it.

    Focus on making yourself better right now. F***them. Become your own man... she might come to her senses, but you don't need to focus any more thought on her right now.

    And if your ex comes back, then it's on your terms. Not because this rebound guy hurt her.


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  • It's most likely that she is in a rebound relationship. You clearly care about her to want to make the effort to get her back. The one thing that was concerning me was her ending the relationship without giving you a reason, especially if you'd been together for quite a long time. That's making me unsure whether she feels the same as you. (But I could be wrong, I don't know the ins and outs)

    My best advice would be, keep in regular contact with her. Nothing pushy, just friendly things like how are you? been up to much? etc.. Keep conversation alive and build on your friendship and when it feels right for you, ask to meet up and hang out and see how things go from there. But if you're serious about her (by the sounds of it, you are) then I don't see the harm in making the effort to win her back. It's a tough situation, but if you feel like trying to get her back feels right then do it, otherwise you could regret not trying! Best of luck to you.. and she will be a very lucky girl to have a man so keen to have her in his life!

  • after three years together you don't even know why she broke up with you? you didn't ask or put up any kind of fight about it? She' s probably thinking you don't really care that you guys are broken up and it sounds like she's dating around but it's hard to say whether it's because she's rebounding or if it's because she was ready to test the waters with other guys since you haven't really talked to her about why she broke up with you.


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  • Hey don't talk to her about him. He is her "boyfriend now". If you say anything bad about him, you're guna come off as a hater, desperate, weak and all of this is unattractive. She is going back and tell him all of this, they going laugh about it. You will actually give them something to talk about and before you know they are going to bond! do you want that? I don't think so. Just fall back. I know it hurts to just fall back, but you ain't go sh*t to lose anymore, she's gone. So now collect yourself so you can gain control of the situation so you can get your woman back

    • no.. I actually told her when she was still my girlfriend.. sorry I think it wasn't clear

    • oh OK. gotcha

  • If she is with that guy, I am 100% percent sure. Though they usually don't work out, some do. Just leave her alone , let her miss you., And she will reach out to you if she wants you back. Buty just like you said , you can't fight it. She needs to realize that she wants to be with you , on her now, no one can make her change her mind... I know how you feel, I ve been there. Good luck man.

    • just wanted to ask.. when you were in this situation.. how did you cope up with it? what did you do? and did you get back together?

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    • how long was it before you two got back together again? I don't wanna let go yet knowing that I still have a chance to get her back but why did you know that it wasn't right anymore?

    • Broke up in july came back in Decemeber. It just did'nt feel the same, Feels like we were both forcing things trying to make it work. It didn't have the natural feel to it

  • She is being disrespectful to you by hanging out with that guy soon after break up. Its selfish behaviour. You would consider to stand above this and show her that you don't care... Ones she feel rejected she will approach to you again. But I am not sure if you should do this... You are at the emotional stage which is very normal.

    What I would do. I would just ignore my emotion and live my life better. I wouldn't make any call or attempt . I would be polite if she contact me. That s my advice...but its your call mate..

    2.5 half years is long . But don't focus on that . you are better then this. and you deserve better .. you ll be fine..

  • Wow, that's a tough situation. But it does sound like she's on a rebound. Which means you can get her back. Rebounds usually last a couple of months but you need to be ready to win her back the right way. This guy has the answers you need ==>