Where to hang out with a girl?

Ive hung with this girl a lot of times, but now I want to do something that's unique but still fun. My town is extremely boring, along with the towns near it too. don't say Mall, Fast Food, Restaurant, Mini Golf, Park, etc...


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  • make cookies!

    • no offense to you lol, but I'm not aiming to be one of her girlfriends here. even though I do like cookies.

    • then make a meal with her if you find it more masculine, or find a way to volunteer together.

    • So I should say "Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich"?. lol jk, yeah I wanted to go to an animal shelter but it closes early.

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  • Do you like hiking/nature walks? Does your county have any nature parks? I've been hiking with a guy before and I really enjoyed it. It was quiet and pretty, and it allowed us time to just get to know each other.

    • Yeah that's a great idea, there's a really nice trail to hike in my town but its been raining constantly and the ground is like quicksand haha. Thanks for the idea though I appreciate it, if you have any more suggestions id love to read them :)

  • I wish more people would answer this! Your area sounds like mine... I never know what to do lol.

    • just get HELLA wasted lol. nah kidding, there is seriously like no options in my area to hang out. I wish I lived in a big city, tons of places to choose.

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