Why won't she talk to me?

this girl at my school and have been talking and she sent me a fb message to start it all we exchanged number texted everyday and through all the conversations I told her I really really liked her and she told me she liked me and that we needed to hang out.. but whenever I asked her to hangout she was busy I asked her like two different times and bot times she told me I wish but was busy.. she always tells me likei wish I was with you or you should come snuggle or somthing.. but at school she's really awkward with me like tthe hugs and stuff are awkward and before we left forspring break she told me that shed call or text but she hasn't . I tried to spark up a convo but no reply the same the next day.. I know she has her phone because she always post from fb mobile.. but why would she not talk to me? please some help?


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  • Sorry man but it sounds like she's just f***ing with you. If she liked you as much as she says she does, she wouldn't avoid hanging out with you or ignore your attempts to start a conversation. Some girls are just insecure and try to mess with guys and get them to like them for the ego boost. This type of woman is most commonly referred to as a c*nt.

    On the off chance she actually does like you and is just really awkward or something, I would just give her an ultimatum.

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